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Oculus Quest 1 & Rift S Prescription Lenses

Oculus Quest 1 & Rift S Prescription Lenses

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The + sign for SPH refers to far-sightedness, while the - sign for SPH refers to short-sightedness. Please make sure to double-check if you have picked the + or - correctly


We will manufacture the lenses according to the prescription information you provided. Shall you have any inquires on the prescription, please contact your optical practitioner for assistance. It is advised that you conduct an eye check before purchasing our oculus lenses, which provides more accurate data on your eye's prescription.

The + sign for SPH refers to far-sightedness, while the - sign for SPH refers to short-sightedness. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you make progressive/bifocal/trifocal lenses? 
A: Sorry that we do not make progressive lenses and we can only make single-vision lenses, because progressive lenses may not be the best to wear in VR.  If you currently wear a progressive/bifocal/trifocal eyeglasses, you can place the order with the prescription for long-distance viewing. After receiving the order confirmation email from us, please send us an email reply with your optician's prescription form attached. This will help us to ensure the accuracy when making your lenses. The lenses we make with be single-vision but it can work for people who wear progressive/biofocal/trifocal eye glasses.

Q: Should I use my contact prescription or eye glasses prescription when ordering?

You should use your eyeglasses prescription when ordering



Enjoy unmatchable VR experience today with this magnetic Oculus Quest 2 prescription lenses adapter. The lenses bring the best performance out of your Oculus headset as their ultimate clarity makes virtual becomes reality. No more discomforting nose bump, and protect your oculus lens from scratches thanks to this sturdy Oculus lenses adaptor. 

The patented design of the prescription lenses enables swift installation which can be done in less than 5 seconds. The product comes with a magnetic mount and magnetic lenses. First put the mount on the headset’s lens, then simply put the lenses onto the magnetic mount, then lenses will stay on the mount firmly. When sharing the headset among friends and family, simply take off the lense at ease and the Oculus headset are prescription-free