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Advanced blue light filter to protect your eyes

Blue Light Filters

Our cutting-edge blue light filter technology can block most of the blue light emits from the VR screens. While most of our competitors’ blue light filter may create yellow tint, our VR WAVE filter manages to block most of the blue light without affecting the color tone. Enjoy your VR experience with zero alterations with VR WAVE.

Sleep Disruptions caused by blue light

According to the research conducted by Harvard Health Publishing, exposure to blue light will decrease the level of melatonin in your body, the chemicals that make you tired at night. Blue light from screens not only put you awake at bedtime but can also disrupt sleep cycles. Your biological clock is flipped upside down when you are exposed to blue light, as your body was misled by the blue light to believe that it is daytime and not the time for sleep. Our human body did not evolve much from our ancestors, yet in modern lives we are exposed to digital devices that emit strong lights causing confusion in our body. With VR WAVE’s blue light filter, everyone can enjoy the fun time in virtual reality without having insomnia.

Eye strains

Under prolong exposure, blue light can also cause eye strains. If you have been playing VR for over an hour in a row, you will probably have the impression that your eyes are being “microwaved” by the screens. That is in fact true because the screens are so close to our eyes! With an extra layer of VR WAVE lenses, the discomfort in virtual reality can be much reduced as your eyes are not heated up directly by the screens. VR WAVE lenses are extra layers of protection for your eyes, enabling longer playtime and better eye’s health.

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