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Q1: What is IPD?

A: IPD stands for interpupillary distance—which means the distance between the center of your eyes. There is a space in our product page for you to fill in and please use the distance IPD when ordering. If there is no IPD on your prescritption form, you can download a mobile app named "eyemeasure" from google play store or apple app store, and you can use the app to measure the IPD.

The reason why IPD/PD is optional is that we will only make adjust for people with extreme IPD values, for people's eye which are in the range of 62-70 IPD, no adjustment will be made.

Q2: On my prescription form there are two value of the IPD, what should I enter?

A: Some prescription form have a single IPD, while some indicates left PD and right PD respectively. For those whose form has only one IPD, simply enter the value into the text box; for those whose form has two values, please enter the information with this format: L: (Your left eye's PD), R: (Your right eye's PD).

Q3: Do you make progressive lenses? 

A: Progressive lenses do not perform well on VR, so we do not make progressive lenses for VR. The ADD figure on your prescription form is the reading distance information, which we do not need for manufacturing.

Q4: Reading or Distance Prescription?

A: If you have intermediate prescription (tri-focal situation), use the intermediate prescription will be the best, but if your prescription is bi-focal, use the distance prescription to place the order. If you only see one set of value on your prescription form (single-focal), simply use the numbers on the prescription form to place the order.

In VR, the normal viewing distance is approximately 5 meters, so you should either use the distance/intermediate prescription to place the order, depending whether you are tri-focal or bi-focal.

Q5: Should I use my contact prescription or eye glasses prescription when ordering?

A: You should use your eye glasses prescription when ordering. If you only have contact lenses' prescription information with you, the PWR value can be converted to SPH. The value PWR will equal to SPH. For example if your PWR of OD is 3.50, your should enter -3.50 as the SPH value on our website. You can ignore the BC and DIA value on your contact lenses' box. The SPH converted should always be in negative because contact lenses can only correct nearsightedness which is represented in minus.

If you have astigmatism, you also have to enter the corresponding value of CYL and AXS. No value adjustment needed for CYL and AXS when you use the contact lenses' value to order.

Please note that when you use the contact lenses' prescription to order, pick the minus value for the SPH, NOT the plus sign.

Q6: Should I use the glass spacer when using VR WAVE lenses?

A: It is recommended to use the glass spacer so as to increase the distance between the lenses and your eyes. In rare cases, some customers who has bigger noses will have the lenses touching the nose, and using the glass spacer can alleviate the potential issue.

Q7: What is the shipping rate and shipping time?

A: We use DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX/USPS to send out the lenses, rates are as follows:

US domestic
Expedite: USD$18 dollars (8-12 days including manufacturing time)
Standard: USD$8 dollars (12-16 days including manufacturing time)
For Alaska, Gaum, and Hawaii, shipping fee will be USD$18, shipping time is 12-16 days
We do not support air force addresses

Expedite: USD$18 dollars (12-16 days including manufacturing time)
Standard: USD$12 dollars (16-21 days including manufacturing time)

Expedite: USD$18 dollars (7-10 days including manufacturing time)
Standard: USD$8 dollars (10-18 days including manufacturing time)

Expedite: USD$11 dollars (8-12 days including manufacturing time)
Standard: USD$7 dollars (12-16 days including manufacturing time)

Standard: USD$8 dollars (20-30 days including manufacturing time)

Expedite: USD$20 dollars (5-10 days including manufacturing time)
Standard: USD$10 dollars (9-18 days including manufacturing time)

Specific zones: Israel, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Mexico
Standard: USD$18 dollars (12-16 days including manufacturing time)

Rest of the world
Standard: USD$17 dollars (12-16 days including manufacturing time)
Standard: USD$9 dollars (~30 days including manufacturing time)

Free shipping for orders more than USD190 disregarding regions.

Q8: Are you lenses high-index? Why I do not see the high-index option?

A: For lenses with higher prescription we automatically make your lenses as high index (thinner), so that the prescription lenses will not touch the headset's lenses. We do not charge extra for high-index because high-index is necessary for high prescription.  

Q9: What is your return policy?

A: Since prescription lenses are custom-made products, we do not accept returns for wrong prescription ordered due to customer's mistakes. Please pay close attention to your prescription information when you place your order.

We will offer the customer service to make every customer happy

For any cases, you should contact us at support@vr-wave.store

Q10: How can I ensure my credit card information is securely protected?

A: We use two payment gateway providers, which are stripe and paypal. Both companies are reputable payment processors, and VR WAVE will never have the access of your credit card information as those information are hidden from merchants like us.

Q11: Why some part of my prescription form is written as "DS"? What does that mean?

A: For the parts that are written as "DS" that means there is no value in those parts. For example, if you see "DS" for CYL and AXS, that means you do not have astigmatism and you can skip the entry for CYL and AXS

Q12: I wear reader glasses only, how should I order on your website?

A: The reader glasses corrects hyperopia, which is represented in plus sign at the SPH. For example if the magnification strength of your reader glass is 1.25, that means you should order by picking SPH +1.25 for both eyes.

Q13: Can I use my medical credits / insurance to pay for the lenses?

A: Sorry that we only accept money payments and no credits/insurance payment will be accepted.

Q14: Do you make prism lenses?

A: Sorry that we do not make prism lenses.