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About Us

VR WAVE was founded in June 2020 with the aspiration to make VR experiences truly immersive & enjoyable.

We craft quality products from prescription lenses insert for VR headsets, to wearable VR accessories, all with the same goal —

"Making VR indistinguishable from reality with VR WAVE products"

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Antony Lam CEO & Founder

About the Founder

Antony Lam

CEO & Founder

As a VR enthusiast himself, Antony is troubled with the discomfort of wearing eyeglasses in VR. In view of this, Antony has come up with the idea of creating prescription lenses insert for VR headsets, which tailor made to each customer's eye condition. The lenses inserts are attached directly onto the headset, so that customers can literally enjoy perfect vision in Virtual Reality with VR WAVE lenses.

Antony founded VR WAVE in 2020 and is privileged to improve the VR experiences of customers from over 80+ countries and territories. Antony focuses heavily on the customer's experience and is dedicated to provide a "wow" experience to all customers of VR WAVE.