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Prescription Form Instruction

Understanding your Eyeglasses Prescription Form

  • OD
  • and
  • OS

OD stands for "oculus dexter," which is Latin for the Right Eye.

OS stands for "oculus sinister," which is Latin for the Left Eye.

Sphere (SPH):

The sphere value (in diopters) indicates the level of nearsightedness (-) or farsightedness (+).

A positive number (+) indicates farsightedness, while a negative number (-) indicates nearsightedness.

If this section is left blank, it means you have no vision correction needed for that eye.

Cylinder (CYL):

This value represents the amount of astigmatism, if present. It is measured in diopters.

If you have no astigmatism, this section may be marked as "SPH" or "DS" (diopters spherical).

Axis (AXS):

The axis is expressed as an angle (in degrees) that specifies the orientation of the cylindrical correction to correct astigmatism.

Addition (ADD):

This value is typically for people with presbyopia and indicates the additional power needed for reading or close-up work. It's measured in diopters.

This is not required in creating your prescription lenses, so you may ignore this number.

Diopter Sphere (DS)

Indicates that no cylindrical correction is needed for astigmatism. It implies that the person's cornea or lens is uniformly curved and does not require additional adjustments for astigmatism.


If you have eye alignment issues (strabismus), a prism value may be included to help align your eyes correctly. This is typically measured in prism diopters.

Unfortunately, we don't offer Prism Prescriptions as some customers may experience discomfort due to the thickness of the lenses and eventually affect VR Gaming.

Pupillary Distance (PD):

This measurement represents the distance between your pupils and is crucial for properly aligning the corrective lenses.

If you have 2 PD on your prescription, you may input R:28/L:87

How to input your prescription data into our website.

1. Select the VR Model you want to purchase.

2. Select your Prescription Type:

  • Single Vision
  • Bifocals (use far/distant prescription form)
  • Progressive (use far/distant prescription form)

3. Input Prescription Details:

Fill in the required fields with the information from your prescription. This includes details such as Sphere (SPH), Cylinder (CYL), Axis, and IPD

4. Double-Check and Confirm:

Review the entered information carefully to make sure all details are accurate. Once you are confident, click the "Order Now" button to confirm your purchase.

5. Upload a Copy of Your Prescription (Optional):

For added convenience and accuracy, you can upload a scanned or photographed copy of your prescription during check out. This helps us double-check the details and ensures we have all the necessary information.

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions during this process, our customer support team is ready to assist you. You can reach us at support@vr-wave.store.

Here's an example of some of an eyeglasses prescription might look: