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Meta Quest 2 FAQs

Oculus Quest 2

Meta Quest 2 is currently the most popular headset, and surely there will tons of questions of this VR headset for new beginners. Check out our below FAQ commonly asked about Quest 2!

Should I get Meta Quest 2 now?
Meta Quest 2 has launched for almost 2 years, and it is expected that Meta will be launching new headset later in 2022. However, leaks said that the new headset, Project Cambria, will be priced much higher than the Quest 2, and Mark Zuckerberg annouced that the Quest 2 product line will be kept simultaneously with the Project Cambria. To enjoy VR with a budget, Quest 2 is still the headset to go! 

Is Meta Quest 2 worth it?
Meta Quest 2 is the most sought-after, in demand VR Headset known to the VR Game world. With its top design, incredible features, and exceptional software makes it all worth it. Not only you can play games in it, you can also have immersive experience, watch netflix, and play free gun shooting games!

Is Meta Quest 2 and Oculus Quest 2 the same?
Yup, they are the same, Facebook rebranded the name. However, the features, design of the device Oculus Quest 2 to Meta Quest 2 has not changed so far.

Does Meta Quest 2 have free games?
What is great about Meta Quest 2 is that there are lots and lots of amazing games that you can enjoy with no additional charges. There are multiple free game such as VRCHAT, RecRoom, and Gun Raiders. There are a lot of free experience that you can try out in the Meta Quest headset, for example Youtube VR, Netflix VR and oculus TV!

How Long Does Meta Quest 2 Take To Charge?
The charging time is not that long which takes approximately 2.5 hours to fully charge the device. So you can take a rest, plot that strategy to win the game, or a hot long shower perhaps after your 10 hours of playing is a good time.

Does Meta Quest 2 Need a PC or Computer?
The Meta Quest 2 is a standalone VR device that can be used without any PC. You can purchase and download games directly when wearing the headset. For advance gamers, you can connect the meta quest 2 headset to your PC, and you can download Oculus App on desktop for playing the Games on the Rift library. Alternative, you can also connect your headset to PC and play games in your Steam VR library. There are more games available on the Steam VR library so you can play games that are not listed on the Oculus Quest store. Examples include Half Life Alyx and Surgeon Stimulator. 

Is Oculus Quest 1 or Meta Quest 2 better?
Meta Quest has a higher resolutions than Oculus Quest 1, and it seems that Meta is more focused on the Quest 2 updates then Quest 1. Since Meta Quest 2 has been out for almost two years, if you are new to the VR world, you should get a Meta Quest 2!

Do You Need Facebook for Meta Quest 2?
Previously connecting your Facebook to the Meta Quest 2 is mandatory, because the games you purchased on the quest 2 belongs to your account. However, the latest announcement indicates that connecting your facebook account to the quest 2 headset is now optional.

Does Meta Quest 2 come with Controllers?
Yes! You will get a Left-Hand and Right-Hand Controller, which is included in the box. 


How do you charge your Meta Quest 2 Controller?
The controller is not chargeable, you can simply replace the batteries to use it again. Each controller needs a single AA Battery. 


What are the Accessories needed for Quest 2?
To enjoy fully the Meta Quest 2 games, one must invest in some accessories that actually necessary.  The VR WAVE Prescription Lenses is a must-have as it really provides ultimate clarity for spectacle wearers, the VR WAVE lenses can also protect the headset lenses from scratches. Moreover, you may want to replace the original face cover of the quest 2 with VR WAVE’s face cover. To relieve the weight of the headset sitting on your face, you may consider getting VR WAVE’s Halo strap for quest 2. 


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