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24 Best Gift Ideas for Quest VR Enthusiasts in 2021!

Quest 2 VR headset christmas holiday gift guide


The holiday season is among us once more. What’s on your current gift ideas list? Socks, ties, pajamas? What about the VR enthusiast in your life?

What you won’t find on this list are all the well known and loved VR classics, Beat Saber, Population One, Supernatural etc (however, if your gift recipient does not have these games, they should definitely have them!).

What you will find are games in the same genre as these beloved classics that they (or you, we won’t judge) might enjoy as an alternative. Figuring out how to gift Quest games can be a little tricky to figure out so near the end I’ll show you how you can easily do that, along with some great accessories for those of you who prefer to wrap physical gifts to put under the tree!

Without further adieu - the best gift ideas for VR enthusiasts, 2021 edition!

If they enjoy...Beat Saber

Beat Saber isn’t the only rhythm, music and dance game on the block - below you’ll find some other alternatives to add into the mix!

Synth Riders
Synth Riders is a retro freestyle dance game that puts you on board that moves through heavily stylized maps of various genres (synthwave, electronic, pop, rock etc) with purchasable DLCs from The Offspring, Caravan Palace, Muse and more!

synth riders oculus quest kluge interactive virtual reality VR game rhythm dance
buy now buton 
Price: $24.99

Pistol Whip
Pistol Whip is a colorful rails arcade shooter where you shoot to the beat of the music and dodge bullets, matrix style! Each map is custom made for each individual song and more recently they’ve added free story campaign modes.

buy now buttonPrice: $29.99

Ragnarock is a viking themed rhythm game in which you race your ship to the end of various maps using the power of your drums. Ragnarock constantly has free updates that come out introducing new maps, hammers, music, and more!

ragnarock quest 2 gamebuy now button
Price: $24.99

Audio Trip
Audio Trip is a fantastically mapped psychedelic rhythm game where you truly feel like you are dancing. It features a variety of licensed songs from big names such as Skrillex, Zedd, deadmau5, Lady Gaga, Tiësto, Psy, and more!

audio trip quest 2 game oculus metabuy now button                                                                                                 Price: $19.99

If they enjoy...Population: One

For the shooter aficionado in your life, here’s some options to satisfy the need to pew pew pew!

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond
Medal of Honor takes place in war torn Europe and pits you as an agent of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). It features both a single player campaign as well as fast paced multiplayer matches.

medal of honor quest 2 oculus meta gamebuy now button
Price: $39.99

Onward is a military simulation game that features no crosshairs, no minimaps, and realistic combat mechanics! You can choose to play either solo, coop or competitively, either with friends, strangers, or AI.

onward oculus meta quest 2 game vrbuy now button
Price: $24.99
Zero Caliber: Reloaded

Zero Caliber is a tactical VR shooter that takes place in a dystopian United States in the not too distant future. It features a lot of physics based interactions and hyper realistic weapon handling with a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Zero Caliber has narrative driven missions which you can play solo or co-op with your friends!

zero caliber oculus meta quest 2 vr gamebuy now button
Price: $24.99

Become an operator! Survive in this team based shooter that features offline and co-op missions, survival mode, a wide variety of weapons and loadouts to customize, and cross play across Quest and Rift platforms!

contractors vr oculus quest meta gamebuy now button
Price: $19.99

If they enjoy…Supernatural

For the fitness guru, there are quite a few other options out there to keep the workouts fresh and interesting!

Thrill of the Fight
Ready to sweat? Thrill of the fight is a hardcore boxing simulation game that pits you against rounds of opponents of increasing difficulty. Punch, jab, block and dodge your way to victory!

thrill of the fight vr oculus meta quest 2buy now button
Price: $9.99

Holopoint is an archery based fitness game in which you fight through waves of enemies. Progression is based on skill and training vs skill unlocks, so you better get good at drawing, nocking, and shooting your arrows as quickly as possible!

holopoint oculus meta quest 2 vr game
buy now button
Oh Shape
While technically this game could qualify as a music/rhythm game as well, Oh Shape gets your full body moving. It’s reminiscent of the hole in the wall Japanese game show in which you need to fit your body into the various shapes coming at you. It’s also choreographed very well - making you feel like you’re dancing like a professional!

oh shape oculus quest meta 2 vr gamebuy now button                                                                                                  Price: $19.99
Guided Meditation VR
Don’t forget that not all health is physical, it’s mental as well! Guided Meditation VR takes you to different locations of your choice where you can choose between different types of guided meditation for your needs (anxiety, depression, sleep, etc). You can also customize sessions to feature music (or not), add a timer, and much more.

guided meditation vr meta oculus quest 2 gamebuy now button
Price: $14.99

If they enjoy...Resident Evil 4

For those who prefer a good story and the overall feeling of being immersed in a world, we’ve got a few selections:

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners
Walking Dead fans rejoice! In this game every decision you make matters, this story driven VR game puts you up against different warring (human) factions while sneaking, stabbing and shooting your way through undead walkers and scavenging for supplies in New Orleans.

the walking dead saints and sinners oculus meta quest 2 vr gamebuy now button
Price: $39.99
Arizona Sunshine
Arizona Sunshine originally came out on the Steam platform in 2016, but has since been rebuilt for the Quest. You play as a lone wolf (or with two other friends!) who hears whispers of a chance to find other survivors. You try to make your way to them while facing zombies in a post apocalyptic Arizona.

arizona sunshine vr oculus meta quest 2 gamebuy now button                                                                                                  Price: $39.99
Song In The Smoke
Song In The Smoke is a survival based VR game in which you need to learn how to craft weapons, make clothes, build fires and defend yourself against vicious predators in order to survive the harsh land. You switch between wildly different environments as you follow the guidance of your ancestors, and uncover the secrets of Song in the Smoke.

song in the smoke oculus quest meta vr 2 game
buy now button                                                                                                  Price: $29.99

Jurassic World Aftermath
What could go wrong in a Jurassic World game? This cell shaded survival adventure game starts you out after you’ve crash landed on Isla Nublar after the fall of Jurassic World. You’ll need to use your wits to survive, solve puzzles and distract velociraptors that stalk your every move.

jurassic world aftermath oculus quest meta vr 2 gamebuy now button                                                                                                  Price: $24.99

How Do I Gift Quest Games?

Unfortunately Oculus/Meta does not have the ability to gift gift cards (unlike VR Wave!) but you can gift individual games to other people.

To do this, go to the store page of the game of your choice. Under the blue price button, you should see ‘Buy for a friend’.

how to buy for a friend give game gift oculus quest 2 meta

Click that, then add your recipient’s email address (it can be any email, not necessarily the one tied to their account), add your payment info, then a digital game code will be sent to them for them to add to their account. Not too difficult right?

how to buy a oculus meta quest game for a friend

VR Accessories and Stocking Stuffers

Prefer to have something physical to stuff their stocking with or to have under the tree? No problem! We’ve got you covered there as well with ideas that won’t break the bank.

VR Wave has some fantastic accessories to get you started!

Custom Prescription VR Lenses
First, the gift of VR sight! Give your special someone the ability to play VR without needing to worry about getting their glasses inside the headset. If you know their prescription details you can order the lenses themselves, otherwise gift cards are also available so the wearer can input their details on their own. Note that VR Wave offers custom lenses for more than just Oculus/Meta headsets, you can find lenses for HTC Vive, Valve Index, PSVR and more!

vr flow perscription lenses custom lens quest 2 vr headset
 buy now button
Price: Varies depending on headset, SPH/CYL and extra add ons

Quest 2 Halo Strap
Let’s be honest here, the default strap that the Quest comes with is not very comfortable, especially for longer use sessions. While comfortable, the official “Quest Elite Strap” (dubbed the ‘elite snap’) is also known to break pretty easily, and has a high price point. A better and more affordable solution would be our Halo strap, which is currently on sale for $29.99! You can expect high quality material, sturdiness, ease of adjustment (knob in the back) and ergonomic design.
quest 2 halo strap vr wave
buy now button                                                                       Price: Normally $32.99 currently on sale for $29.99!

Quest 2 Controller Covers
Let your gift receiver protect their Quest 2 controllers and keep them clean, while also providing more grip and comfort! These silicone controller covers also have handy knuckle straps to further prevent the controller from leaving their hands to fly into that TV monitor or random passerby!
vr flow quest 2 controller grips coverbuy now button
Price: $13.99
Quest 2 Face Cover
At one point or another, in VR you will get sweaty. The default Quest 2 face cover contains a pretty absorbent material which will get gross over time. Instead, gift someone this premium leather face cover which feels good, is long lasting and much much easier to clean. It also includes a light shade over the nose area, preventing room light from bleeding into the headset, keeping you immersed in your VR experience!
vr wave quest 2 face cover
buy now button                                                                       Price: Normally $32.99, currently on sale for $29.99!
Quest 2 Carrying Case
Finally for those who like traveling with their Quest 2 (and who doesn't? It’s wireless and meant to be traveled with!), gift them a carrying case that fits not only the headset itself, but also both controllers and has extra room for cables.
vr wave quest 2 carrying case buy now button
Price: Normally $32.99, currently on sale for $28.99!

Need even more ideas?

Microfiber Cloths
Always a great stocking stuffer, wipe off lint, oil, smudges and more to keep those VR lenses clean!
microfiber clothsbuy now button                                                           Price: $8.99-$12.99 Depending on amount of cloths purchased

Light Up VR Headset Stand
The Asterion light up VR stand features seven different color options to choose from as well as an alternating color mode. It also has a convenient USB A charge port so you can charge your Quest while displaying it!

vr light up quest 2 stand asterion

buy now buttonPrice: $24.99

Tumblr With a Straw
This one may seem silly, but what you may not realize is that it’s actually pretty difficult to drink out of a normal cup or bottle while wearing a headset (the headset gets in the way). Straws become your best friend, and you definitely need to remember to stay hydrated during a VR session!tumblr with straw

buy now button
Price: $15.99
Logitech Gaming Earbuds/Headset
Logitech (the well known gaming peripheral company) has actually made earbuds and headphones specifically for the Quest! While the default sound coming from the Quest is okay at best it can definitely be improved by either the Logitech G333 earbuds or the Pro Oculus Ready headset.

logitech earbuds headset for quest 2

buy now button
                                                           Price: $42.99 for the G333 earbuds or $99 for the headset

If you need help setting up your virtual reality room, Porch has you covered! Check out their blog post on getting started - spacial requirements, gear, furniture and more!

While this list is definitely not conclusive (there are many many more fantastic games and accessories out there!), hopefully this gets you started on what you can either add to your own wishlist or gift to the VR enthusiast in your life! By the time you read this some of the games may also be on sale for Black Friday, so check often!

We hope you have Happy Holidays and enjoy this wonderful time of year!

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