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VR Game Releases in March & April That You Don't Want to Miss

vr game releases march april 2023

Virtual reality (VR) gaming has become an increasingly popular and exciting form of entertainment in recent years, and with each passing year, we see even more incredible VR games being released. As we head into the spring months of March and April, we're gearing up for another round of highly anticipated game releases. From action-packed shooters to immersive simulations and puzzle games, there's something for everyone. In this post, we'll be taking a closer look at every VR game that released March and will release in April, providing a short synopsis of each game so that you can decide which games to add to your must-play list. Whether you're a die-hard VR gamer or just getting started, you won't want to miss out on these exciting new releases. So, without further ado, let's dive on in!


Before Your Eyes
Platforms: PSVR2 Price: $14.99

Before Your Eyes PSVR2

Before Your Eyes is a narrative-driven game that was initially released for PC in 2021 and has since been ported to PSVR2. The game uses a unique control system that allows players to progress the story by blinking their eyes using the PSVR2's built in eye tracking.

Players follow the journey of a soul named Benjamin through memories of his past as he reflects on his life in the afterlife. The game explores themes of life, death, and relationships, and offers a unique and emotional experience.

Divine Duel
Platforms: Quest, Steam (coming soon) Price: Free

Divine Duel VR

Divine Duel is a multiplayer strategy game where players compete against each other using decks of cards representing various mythical creatures and spells. Players take turns deploying their cards on a battlefield to attack and defend against their opponent's forces. The game features a variety of game modes and deck-building options, allowing players to customize their gameplay experience. The ultimate goal is to defeat the opponent's main hero and emerge victorious.

Formula Retro Racing: World Tour
Platforms: Steam Price: $19.99

Formula Retro Racing: World Tour

Formula Retro Racing: World Tour is a classic arcade-style racing game that allows players to race cars from the 40's to 90's across a variety of tracks around the world. The game features simple and intuitive controls, allowing players to focus on the thrill of the race. Players can customize their car and compete in a variety of modes, including time trials, championships, and multiplayer races. With its retro graphics and fast-paced gameplay, Formula Retro Racing: World Tour offers a nostalgic and exciting racing experience for players of all skill levels.

Galaxy Kart VR

Platforms: PSVR2, Steam (coming soon) Price: $19.99

Galaxy Kart VR

Galaxy Kart VR is a kart racing game similar in feel to the beloved Mario Kart. Players can mix and match their kart and racer and race through a variety of tracks. The game features a variety of power-ups and weapons that players can use to gain an advantage over their opponents. Galaxy Kart also offers a multiplayer mode, allowing players to compete against each other online. With its colorful and imaginative setting, fast-paced gameplay, and variety of customization options, Galaxy Kart offers a fun and exciting racing experience for players of all ages.

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game
Platforms: Quest 2 Price: $19.99

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game Quest 2

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game is a sci-fi strategy game where players lead their ship to investigate a mysterious signal from a distant star system. Players explore, gather loot, and battle to advance their goals, encountering challenges and obstacles along the way. With its immersive setting, deep gameplay, and engaging story, Ghost Signal offers a thrilling adventure for fans of rougelite and strategy games.

Guardians Frontline
Platforms: Quest 2, Steam Price: $24.99

Guardians Frontline VR

Guardians Frontline is a team-based single game where players take on the role of guardians defending against an alien invasion. The game features a variety of weapons and vehicles, offering both a single player campaign/co-op experience and PvP modes. Guardians Frontline offers an exciting campaign experience for fans of sci-fi team-based shooters.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR
Platforms: PSVR2 Price: $39.99

The Dark Pictures Switchback VR PSVR2

Switchback VR is set on a thrilling virtual reality rollercoaster set inside the world of The Dark Pictures Anthology - a successor to the original PSVR title Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Leveraging the sensory power of PlayStation VR2, Supermassive Games delivers its latest trial of terror, a reactive rollercoaster where you fight for your life against all manner of creepy beasts and calculated killers. In the ride for your life, choose your path wisely, and try to stay alive.

Not For Broadcast VR
Platforms: Quest 2, Steam Price: $24.99

Not For Broadcast VR

Not For Broadcast VR is a VR adaptation of the popular desktop game. In this game, players take on the role of a TV broadcast editor, where they must choose which news segments to air and which to censor to manipulate public opinion. The game features multiple storylines, various characters, and a branching narrative system that allows players to make different choices and affect the outcome of the story. With its immersive live-action visuals and engaging gameplay, Not For Broadcast offers a unique and thought-provoking gaming experience.

Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom
Platforms: Quest 2, Steam (coming soon) Price: $29.99

peaky blinders the king's ransom

Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom is a story-driven adventure game based on the TV series. Players meet the infamous Shelby family and make decisions that affect the outcome of the story. The game features a variety of gameplay mechanics, including puzzle-solving, stealth, and combat. With its authentic setting, compelling characters, and gripping narrative, Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom offers a thrilling experience for fans of the show and players who enjoy story-driven games.

Samurai Slaughter House

Platforms: Steam, Quest 2 Price: $29.99

Samurai Slaughter House

It's time to become the ultimate warrior that you've always dreamed of! Samurai Slaughter House was built from the ground up as a VR exclusive. Explore a large metroidvania-style open world, interact with NPCs, and engage in deadly physics-based combat. Use stealth and creativity or brute force to take on your foes in a vast physics based sandbox.

The Last Worker
Platforms: Steam, PSVR2, Quest 2 Price: $19.99

The Last Worker VR

The Last Worker is a narrative-driven simulation game set in a dystopian future where most jobs have been automated. Players take on the role of a worker named Kurt who's the last living package sorter for the mega corporation known as 'Jungle'. The game features puzzle-solving, stealth, and heavy story themes that explores the impact of automation on society. With its engaging narrative, immersive setting, and thought-provoking themes, The Last Worker offers a unique gaming experience for players who enjoy story-driven games.

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution
Platforms: Quest 2, Steam, PSVR2 Price: $39.99

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution is the highly anticipated sequel to the original Saints and Sinners Chapter 1. Hunted by the seemingly unstoppable Axeman and facing off against the Tower’s latest push for total dominance, discover what connects these new threats together before it’s too late. New faces, places, weapons and gear all await you on your journey to a final showdown for the city's fate.

Vertigo 2
Platforms: Steam Price: $29.99

Vertigo 2 Steam

Vertigo 2 continues where the original left off -deep underground in the reaches of Quantum Reactor VII, you awake to finish your journey home. Vertigo 2 is a first-person shooter VR game where players explore a mysterious world. The game features puzzle-solving, exploration, and combat mechanics, with a variety of weapons and abilities. With its immersive gameplay and stunning visuals, Vertigo 2 offers an engaging and thrilling experience for all VR players.


Across The Valley
Platforms: PSVR2, Steam Price: $19.99

Across The Valley VR

Across the Valley is your friendly VR farm where you really lend a hand. Care for the animals and plants with your own hands (no point and click menus) and relax in this hand-drawn paradise. Sow, water and harvest your own plants, raise adorable baby animals, milk the cows, shear the sheep and go on a truffle hunt with the pigs — all in fun mini-games. There's always something to do every day in Across The Valley.

A Knight in the Attic
Platforms: Quest 2, Steam Price: $9.99

A Knight In The Attic VR

A Knight in the Attic invites you to pull open the latch and sneak up to your grandmother’s mysterious yet cozy attic, where your curiosity will be rewarded with adventure - if you are up to the challenge! What begins as a dusty labyrinth board transforms to reveal an entire world in peril, and a willing hero, Guinevere, who needs your help. Take the world in your hands, and roll Guinevere through puzzle-filled levels, filled with strange objects that help guide you along your journey, from cranks and hammers to scrolls and an old notebook that tells the story of Camelot.

Amid Evil VR
Platforms: Quest 2, Steam Release Date: 4/19

Amid Evil VR

A VR adaptation to the original Amid Evil game - Amid Evil VR is a fast-paced first-person shooter game where players fight demonic hordes to save the world. It features challenging enemies, a variety of weapons and magical abilities, and increasingly difficult levels. With its engaging gameplay and mystical setting, Amid Evil VR offers an immersive and thrilling experience for fans of FPS and fantasy games.

Platforms: Quest 2, Steam Price: $29.99

Breachers VR

Breachers is a tactical 5v5 VR FPS. Plan your assault or orchestrate your defense as a team through intense close-quarters combat. Whether you play as an enforcer or a revolter, master your nifty gadgetry, customize your powerful weaponry and beat your opponents in stunning environments. Climb, vault, rappel, swing, shoot and strategize your way to victory.

Everslaught Invasion
Platforms: Quest 2 Price: $24.99 ($22.49 if pre-ordered) Release Date: 4/20

Everslaught Invasion

Everslaught Invasion is a VR game where players fight against an invading army of monsters in a fantasy world. It features intense combat mechanics with a variety of weapons and abilities, as well as magic spells to aid players in battle. With its immersive world and engaging storyline, the game provides an exciting and satisfying experience for VR players who enjoy action-packed games.

Fruit Ninja VR 2
Platforms: Quest 2, Steam Price: $24.99

Fruit Ninja 2

Fruit Ninja VR 2 is a virtual reality game developed by Halfbrick Studios. The game is a sequel to the original Fruit Ninja game, but this time it is specifically designed for VR devices.

In the game, players use their VR controllers to slice different fruits that are thrown into the air, avoiding bombs and other obstacles. The game features several gameplay modes, including Classic, Zen, and Arcade, as well as a multiplayer mode where players can compete with each other.

Platforms: Quest 2, Steam Price: $19.99

Gambit! VR

Gambit is a 4 player first person co-op game that features dozens of guns, a myriad of attachments, skins, masks, deathmatch, tournament ladders, minigames, leaderboards, climbing, graffiti, hidden rewards, the GNOP, bossfights, free updates, dedicated customer support, and so on. Play as Frank, Udo, Cody or Kevin in this borderlands-esque grungy shooter in a world full of mayhem.

Kill It With Fire VR
Platforms: Quest 2, Steam, PSVR2 (later in the year) Price: $14.99 (get an additional 25% off if you own the base game)

Kill It With Fire VR

Kill It With Fire VR is a hilariously action-packed virtual reality game where players use a variety of household (and non traditional) weapons to hunt down and eliminate spiders. You are given the ultimate freedom to hunt and destroy mankind’s most ancient and deadly nemesis, and players must use strategy and creativity to succeed.


As we wrap up our coverage of the March and April VR game releases, it's clear that there's a lot to be excited about. From the thrilling action of shooters like "Breachers" and "Guardians Frontline" to the immersive worlds of "Vertigo 2" and "The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution," there's no shortage of incredible experiences to be had. Whether you're a seasoned VR gamer or new to the medium, there's never been a better time to jump in and explore the many wonders out there. So gear up, grab your headset, and get ready for some unforgettable adventures!

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