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How To Cast Your Quest To Your TV

cast quest 2 to TV

There are times when we have friends and family over and we want to be able to share the magic of VR - but the experience isn't nearly as fun if no one can see what's going on in the headset!

Depending on what casting device you have, casting the in headset view to your TV can actually be quite simple, I'll go over a couple of different ways so those around you can finally see what the heck it is that you're swinging so wildly at in headset.

Note that all of these methods will require a solid wifi connection and for your casting receiver (Chromecast, Firestick, Roku etc) to be on the same network as the one your Quest is connected to. If you don't have a strong connection you may see a lot of pixelation and lag in the video feed.

Google Chromecast

google chromecast

Using a Chromecast is the fastest, easiest way to cast your Quest 2 view to your TV.

With your Chromecast device plugged into your TV, make sure both it and your Quest are on the same wireless network.

In your headset head over to the share button in your Quest menu, then select 'cast' and choose the Chromecast you want to stream to, then click next.

oculus quest meta casting chromecast

Easy as that!

Amazon Firestick

amazon firestick

If you have an Amazon Firestick, first make sure that both your Quest and your Firestick are on the same wireless network.

Search for 'Airscreen' on your FireTV device and install it.

amazon firestick firetv air screen

Once open, you will be greeted by a screen with a QR code. Unfortunately you can't scan the QR code with your Quest, but you can open the Meta Quest browser and add the numbers in the URL bar as prompted.

air screen amazon firestick firetv quest browser

Your TV screen will then give you a code to connect to, go back into your headset, go to sharing, cast, select the option with that code and then click next!

air screen amazon firestick firetv cast tv oculus meta quest 2

Roku TV

Unfortunately, Roku does not have a dedicated web browser nor a native program for casting, but you can cast the Quest to your phone using the Quest mobile app and screen share your phone to your Roku TV via screen mirroring.

Press the home button on your Roku controller, select settings, go to system, then screen mirroring. Under screen mirroring mode select either prompt or always allow.

roku tv screen mirroring settings quest 2 casting

Next you're going to want to download a third party mobile screen sharing device, in this example I'm using Screen Mirroring: MiracastTV for android devices, however there are many other free alternatives (including for iOS) if you just search for "screen mirroring app" in your device's app store.

Screen Mirroring Miracast TV app android

Once open tap 'select TV' and if you device doesn't appear in this list tap the three dots and select enable wireless display, then find your device from that list.

screen mirroring quest 2 to phone to tv roku

Make sure your phone is being cast to your TV, then in your Quest mobile app go to casting and select your Quest 2, then click 'start'!

cast quest 2 to phone


Depending on your connection and how you are casting you may see some pixelation and screen tearing, especially if you are casting off of your phone vs directly from the Quest itself.

You will probably also notice some latency in audio between the headset and what comes out of the TV, this is unfortunately normal and there isn't really anything that can be done to fix this - I usually mute the TV audio and allow the sound to come from the headset itself so that the user dosen't get confused while they're in VR.

Hopefully this article helped show you that casting to your TV can be a relatively painless process, and one that really can bring friends and family together for VR game nights!

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