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Roblox Comes to the Meta Quest - Create and Play in VR

Roblox on Meta Quest

Roblox has finally made its way to the Quest! The massively popular online game creation platform can now be experienced in immersive virtual reality on the Meta Quest headset.

For those unfamiliar, Roblox is an online community where users can create their own games and virtual worlds using the platform's intuitive builder tools. Since launching in 2006, Roblox has become one of the largest user-generated gaming platforms in the world with over 200 million monthly active users.

Some key facts about Roblox:

  • Over 24 million daily active Roblox users
  • Top Roblox games have been played over 4 billion times
  • Over 2 million active developers creating games and content
  • #1 gaming platform for US kids and teens

teens playing Roblox in Meta Quest 2 headsets

While Roblox has been available in VR on PC platforms like SteamVR, this open beta marks the first official release of Roblox designed specifically for standalone VR headsets like the Meta Quest 2 and Pro. By optimizing the experience for mobile hardware, Roblox in VR can now be enjoyed completely untethered with the freedom to explore virtual worlds unhindered. This paves the way for Roblox to become a premier VR experience and showcase the creative possibilities enabled by bringing its massive community of users and developers into virtual reality.

How To Play Roblox On The Quest

Getting started is easy. Download Roblox from App Lab on your Quest 2 or Pro headset (requires v55 or higher). Log into or create a Roblox account using Quick Login from your computer or mobile device (account creation not yet supported directly on Quest).

Once your account has been created go to the top right of your browser and hit the cog or settings button, then select 'Quick log in' and input the code that you see from inside your headset into the box on your browser.

Quick login Quest Roblox

Once logged in, the first thing I recommend doing is loading up the 'VR Tutorial' world to get familiar with moving and interacting in VR.

You can switch between first and third person perspective by clicking the right thumbstick. Otherwise, the thumbsticks function just like other VR games - the left controls WASD-style movement while the right controls turning your view.

Roblox VR Tutorial

In the home dashboard, the Discovery tab lets you browse and find new worlds. When searching, try adding 'VR' to filter for VR-optimized experiences. Results may vary as some maps were originally made for PC VR controllers.

Clicking your player icon brings up the avatar customization menu where you can change your look with different cosmetic items, each costing Robux purchased with real money. Note that purchasing Robux in the VR beta is not currently available yet.

Roblox Quest VR Avatar

The Connect tab is where you can add and chat with friends. Once in a game, you'll see a UI bar with options to tweak comfort, graphics and privacy settings on the fly.

Comfort settings include enabling/disabling vignetting or smooth rotation. You can also customize your safety bubble - the invisible radius determining how close others can approach before fading out.

Roblox VR Settings

With these controls and settings, you'll be able to fully immerse yourself in the creative worlds built by the Roblox community!

Here are some popular Roblox games we recommend trying in VR:

  • Tunneler
    In Tunneler, manipulate portals and objects to solve intricate puzzles with mind-bending physics. This VR-ready experience challenges your spatial reasoning, with an engrossing narrative unfolding at Ecliptic Industries that leaves you craving answers.
Tunneler Roblox VR

  • Energy Assault
    Battle it out with energy weapons on fun maps featuring different game modes, in this futuristic FPS. Complete daily missions, rank up, save up for cool new guns, and unlock skins and outfits.
Energy Assault Roblox VR

  • Clashers VR
    Team up with friends in Clashers VR to battle endearingly wobbly enemies using bows, swords and shields across multiple game modes. Fight enemy waves in survival and castle defense, unlocking new areas as you progress through this charmingly chaotic shooter built for multiplayer VR shenanigans.
Clashers VR Roblox

  • Nerf Strike
    Nerf guns in VR! Play Domination, team matches or free for all, alter the levels with skillshots, level up your blasters and character in awesome settings. Acquire new Blasters, Abilities, Scopes, Masks, Vests, and Skins!
Nerf Strike

  • Jungle Bungalows
    Swing, climb, and tag your way to victory in Monkey World - a frenetic VR experience inspired by Gorilla Tag. Master the fast-paced movement as you explore this whimsical environment and compete in various minigames against others.
Jungle Bungalows Roblox VR

A big thanks goes out to Youtuber Nathie for creating a fantastic curration of VR-optimized Roblox games!

Since this is an open beta, you may encounter some known issues:

  • Can't purchase Robux directly on Quest yet
  • Password login not supported, use Quick Login
  • Rare distorted graphics in some games
  • No personalized recommendations yet
  • Experience ratings disabled during beta
  • Graphics and performance still being optimized

The open beta allows developers to test their games in VR and gather feedback before the full launch. With 15+ million experiences and counting, there will be plenty to explore. Some experiences are already enabled for VR automatically.

We can't wait to see the creative new games and worlds the Roblox community builds with VR in mind. This open beta brings the ultimate virtual playground to life on Quest. Dive in and let us know your thoughts!


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