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2023 Summer's Hottest VR Games: What to Expect

VR Game Releases Summer 2023

As we navigate the sunny days of 2023, the world of VR gaming is set to make your summer hotter with its exciting line-up of releases. Below is a roundup of the most anticipated VR games that you can look forward to this summer.


    • Undead CitadelThis exclusive VR game that offers an immersive adventure filled with intense combat against hordes of undead enemies. With a physics-based combat system and a wide variety of weapons, players can slash, stab, and crush their way through the cursed citadel. The game features different modes, including Story Mode, Horde Mode, and Armory, providing a range of gameplay experiences. Undead Citadel is currently available for SteamVR.

    Undead Citadel VR Game
      • Retropolis 2 - Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye is the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed VR adventure series. In this sci-fi mystery, players embark on a mind-bending journey across four new episodes, facing off against a formidable new villain. Utilizing extend-o-arms, players must rely on their wit and a hovering inventory to unravel the truth. With improved graphics, immersive environments, and challenging puzzles, Retropolis 2 offers a gripping VR experience. The game will be available soon on SteamVR, and is already out on the Quest store for $24.99.
      • VR Giants - VR Giants is a cooperative VR game where one player becomes a giant in virtual reality, while the other controls a tiny person on the screen. Together, they solve puzzles and overcome challenges to regain their freedom. The VR player's movements affect the giant's position, and the screen player uses the giant's body to navigate the levels. With different states for the giant and diverse environments, including deserts and lava caves, VR Giants offers engaging adventures. The game promotes teamwork and communication, and it's available on SteamVR for $17.99.
      VR Giants


      • Mindset - Mindset is an immersive VR game that challenges players to solve cube-shaped puzzles while unraveling the mystery of their past. With advanced hand-tracking, engaging storylines, and vibrant environments, players can put their logic and dexterity to the test. The game offers a relaxing gameplay formula, multiple ways to solve puzzles, and a demanding Challenge Mode. Mindset is available on Quest for $9.99
      • STACK - This is an action-packed VR multiplayer disc game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Engage in intense battles, either solo or with teammates, as you master the art of launching deadly discs. With intuitive mechanics, various game modes, and quests to unlock cosmetic items, the game offers instant fun and a sense of progression. For competitive players, STACK provides private lobbies, spectator mode, and a league system. Coming soon for SteamVR and currently available for the Quest 2 at $14.99. 

      Stack VR

      • B99 Overclocked - This retro-themed FPS shooter roguelike game developed by Iron Stomach LLC and published by MyDearest. Set in a cyberspace world inspired by the 1980s, the game offers randomly generated dungeons for players to explore. Currently available on Steam and Quest 2, B99 Overclocked released on PSVR 2 on June 30, 2023, with new features exclusive to this version.


      • Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate - Episode 3 - Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate is an episodic visual novel game by MyDearest3. With three episodes, the game follows the journey of a time traveler unraveling the truth and altering the future. The third episode is set to release on July 13, 2023. Currently available on PlayStation VR and Quest, a non-virtual reality version for Nintendo Switch is planned for a future release, although the specific date has not been announced yet.

      Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate - Episode 3

      • Battle Bows - Battle Bows is an immersive 3D castle defense VR game developed by Servios and published by Perp Games. Players take on the task of defending their home castle from enemy balloons. Equipped with a range of bows and arrows, players must aim carefully to take down the airborne threats. They can also strategically use barrels and traps to counter speedy, sneaky, and flying balloons. The game offers a variety of challenges, including bonus skill targets to earn the MVP crown. Battle Bows is set to release on SteamVR July 13th, and has been out and for the Quest 2 on since June 14th.
      • Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR - Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR is a virtual reality arcade shooter game, reviving the classic 1987 arcade game. Developed by Virtuallyz Gaming and published by Microids, the game features rail shooter gameplay with a mounted Uzi to shoot enemies. Set to release on July 13, 2023, for Steam VR, Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR 2, and Pico, it offers an immersive experience in a virtual reality setup.

      Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR

      • Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station - Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station is an immersive virtual reality game developed and published by Gamedust. Players can freely explore the virtual environment, swinging on ropes, uncovering hidden secrets, and solving puzzles. The game was released on Pico in May 2023, will be available on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro on July 13, 2023 and SteamVR coming soon.
      • VR Skater - VR Skater is an immersive virtual reality skateboarding game that offers a finely tuned mix of arcade and simulation. It was released on Steam Early Access in April 2021 and will launch on PSVR 2 on June 21, 2023. The game provides an impressively detailed and realistic skateboarding experience, with intuitive controls and immersive gameplay. VR Skater has received positive reviews for its realistic physics and the immersive street skateboarding experience it offers.

      VR Skater


      • Crossfire: Sierra Squad - Crossfire is an upcoming VR first-person shooter game by Smilegate. It is set to release in August 2023 on PlayStation VR2 and PC VR via Steam. As a new addition to the Crossfire series, the game features tactical gameplay, high AI intelligence, and intense battles against seemingly endless enemies. Inspired by Metal Gear Solid, it offers objective-based modes.
      • Phasmophobia - Phasmophobia, the popular co-operative paranormal investigation game by Kinetic Games, is coming to PSVR2 in August 2023. Previously exclusive to PC VR, the game is expanding its reach to the new VR platform, offering an immersive psychological horror experience where players investigate paranormal activities in various locations.

      Phasmophobia PSVR2


      • Budget Cuts Ultimate - Budget Cuts Ultimate is a VR stealth action game by Neat Corporation. Originally released in 2018, the upgraded version came out on Quest 2 and PSVR2 recently but will be coming to PCVR via Steam on June 30, 2023. With a unique portaling system and emphasis on stealth gameplay, players navigate through TransCorp's robotic-filled company. Equipped with a portal gun, they aim to move undetected through floors and rooms. The game offers smooth artificial locomotion with adjustable speeds for an immersive experience.
      • Toss! - Toss! is an upcoming VR platformer game that will be released on September 7, 2023, for PC VR, PlayStation VR2, and Meta Quest Store. In the game, players can explore a vibrant world and unleash their acrobatic skills. With an immersive experience, Toss! takes players on a journey through a cloudscape jungle-gym playground.

      toss! vr

      • Hellsweeper VR - Hellsweeper VR is an intense first-person action-combat VR game developed by Mixed Realms. Set to release September 21st on Steam, Quest 2, and PSVR2, the game offers players the chance to fight dark creatures in the underworld using weapons and elemental magic.

      With summer in full swing, there are some exciting new VR games on the horizon that will let you escape the heat and immerse yourself in fantastic virtual worlds. From action-packed shooters to magical fantasy lands, these upcoming releases promise thrilling adventures and endless hours of air-conditioned fun.

      To stay cool and comfortable while playing these hot new titles, be sure to take breaks regularly, keep a fan blowing nearby, and consider getting a VR cover or headband to absorb sweat. Staying hydrated is also key - keep a water bottle on hand and take sips between gameplay sessions. And don't forget to keep pets and kids safely out of your designated VR play space!

      With the right precautions, you can fully enjoy these awesome new VR experiences while beating the summer heat. The worlds of gaming continue expanding thanks to virtual reality, letting us adventure and explore without ever leaving our (hopefully) air-conditioned homes. Stay tuned for more as these promising titles launch later this summer!

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