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The Best VR Games Spreading Virtual Festive Cheer

VR Holiday Updates

'Tis the season for festive fun in VR! This holiday season, top virtual reality games are delivering heaps of Christmas cheer with special seasonal updates for players to unwrap. From decorated game worlds and themed cosmetics to holiday mini-games, events and more, many popular VR titles are spreading yuletide joy throughout the metaverse.

In this roundup, we highlight the merriest VR holiday happenings across a variety of games on major platforms like the Meta Quest store, PSVR2, Steam, and SideQuest. Whether you want to deck the halls of your favorite games, unlock Santa suits, or engage in snowball fights with friends, these VR holiday treats deliver plenty of virtual holiday magic.

Disclaimer: Some links to the Meta Quest store are affiliate links, meaning the author receives $5 in store credit at no extra cost to you. Using these links provides you with 10-25% off select games, so it's a win-win!

Let's jump in and see what some of the top VR platforms and titles have awaiting under the Christmas tree this month...

Among Us VR

Among Us VR brings the popular deception game into virtual reality. For the holiday season, Among Us VR has a paid DLC with six themed winter hats including presents, candy canes, rain deer antlers, and more. The Among Us VR Festive Favorites DLC is available on Meta Quest store, PSVR2 and Steam.

Among Us VR Festive Favorites DLC

Asgard's Wrath 2

Asgard's Wrath 2 is a new action RPG transporting players into distant realms to battle gods and monsters. The game features holiday themed avatar cosmetics and a Krampus armor set unlockable by completing holiday event objectives for competing in the game's Cosmic Community Conquests. Asgard's Wrath 2 is free with Meta Quest 3 purchase until January 27th 2024, otherwise purchasable on the Meta Quest store

Asgard's Wrath 2 Krampus armor

Bartender VR Simulator

Bartender VR Simulator teaches professional drink mixing skills across unique virtual bars. For the 2023 holiday season, the game added Christmas decorations, Santa hats, gingerbread men, and falling snow. Bartender VR Simulator is available on the Meta Quest store.

bartender vr simulator christmas update

Beer Pong Basement

Beer Pong Basement is a VR party game that simulates playing the classic beer pong game. The winter update includes Christmas decorations, Santa custom avatars, and holiday movies playing in the background. Beer Pong Basement is free on Sidequest and Meta Quest's App Lab.

Beer Pong Basement Holiday Update VR


Breachers is a 5v5 VR multiplayer shooter putting teams in close quarters combat. This month the game added Arctic, a new snow-covered map available across all platforms. Breachers is a cross-buy title on the Meta Quest store and Steam.

breachers arctic map VR

Crazy Kung Fu

Crazy Kung Fu is a martial arts fitness game combining reflex challenges with exercise. For the holidays, the game adds limited edition seasonal masks, bracers, and gameplay modifiers. Crazy Kung Fu is available on Steam and the Meta Quest store.

Crazy Kung Fu

Devour is a horror coop survival game for desktop or VR where players perform rituals to fight off demonic enemies. The Christmas event runs until December 28th and offers holiday decorations, unlockable Santa outfits, and double XP. Devour is available on Steam.

Devour VR Holiday Update


Drakheir is a hand tracking spellcasting adventure game set in an enchanted world. The Christmas edition update brings a new snowball fight mini-game, holiday themed enemies, and festive music. Drakheir can be found on Meta Quest's App Lab.

Drakheir VR Holiday Update

Dungeons of Eternity

Dungeons of Eternity involves battling through procedurally generated dungeons in VR. The Frostbound holiday update adds Christmas decorations, themed weapons, snowballs to throw, and more. Dungeons of Eternity is available on the Meta Quest store.

Dungeons of Eternity VR Frostbound update holiday

Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag is a multiplayer VR movement game using arm swinging locomotion. The Christmas update brings snowy maps, trains to ride, themed cosmetics, and new holiday mini-games. Gorilla Tag is free on the Meta Quest store and $12.99 on Steam.

Gorilla Tag VR Holiday Update

Grapple Tournament

Grapple Tournament is a VR shooter focused on vertical movement and combat. The winter holiday seasonal update includes themed cosmetics, maps, avatars, and a battle pass. Grapple Tournament is free on the Meta Quest store and on Steam.

Grapple Tournament VR Holiday Update


Grokit is a quick reaction VR party game supporting mixed reality. The winter blast update rethemes microgames for the holidays, adds festive cosmetics, and more. Grokit is available on the Meta Quest App Lab.

Grokit Meta Quest app lab VR Holiday Winter update

Horror Bar VR

Horror Bar VR is a zombie food and drink bartending VR game. This holiday the game added festive decorations like creepy trees, blood-filled stockings, and zombie gingerbread men to the bar. Horror Bar VR is available on the Meta Quest store.

horror bar vr christmas winter update

House Flipper VR

House Flipper VR allows players to renovate and design virtual homes. For the 2023 holiday update, the game added over 200 decorative items like Christmas trees, lights, and wreaths to decorate properties. There is also new holiday job content and hand tracking support. House Flipper VR is available on Steam and the Meta Quest store.

House Flipper VR Holiday Update

Kayak VR

Kayak VR: Mirage lets players kayak through vivid environments. The game brings a holiday themed make-over of the Kings Canyon map during the holiday season. Kayak VR: Mirage can be purchased on Steam.

Kayak VR Mirage Holiday Christmas Update


Kartoffl is a cute VR puzzle game involving guiding potato characters through various challenges. For the holidays, the game world transforms with falling snow, Santa hat wearing potatoes, and more seasonal touches. Kartoffl is available on the Meta Quest store and Steam.

Kartoffl vr holiday update


LOW-FI is an early open world cyberpunk VR police simulation game. During the holidays, the game world features seasonal collectibles, decorations, and more. A PC early access build is available on Itch.io before LOW-FI's Steam launch.

LOW-FI Christmas holiday update VR

Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo

Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo is a multiplayer VR adventure platformer game. The Christmas update includes snowy maps, Santa costumes, themed weapons, interactive objects, and more. It is free on Meta Quest's App Lab and $14.99 on Steam.

Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo VR Holiday Christmas update


Outta Hand

Outta Hand is a humorous arm-swinging VR platformer game. The seasonal update between December 8th and January 3rd adds holiday theming, Santa hats, and themed achievements. Outta Hand is available on the Meta Quest store and Steam.

outta hand vr christmas update


Phasmophobia's Holiday 2023 event involves eliminating dancing snowmen across seven different haunted location maps. Players need to gather three mysterious parts before hunting down the snowmen from December 11th, 2023 to early January 2024. Completing the holiday event rewards a special ID badge and unique trophy. Phasmophobia is available for purchase on Steam

phasmophobia vr 2023 holiday christmas update

Puzzling Places

Puzzling Places provides relaxing 3D jigsaw puzzles in VR. For the holidays, the game adds a free Christmas 'Driving Home for Christmas' puzzle and a monthly 'Snowy Sights' DLC pack. Puzzling Places can be found on the Meta Quest store, PlayStation VR and PSVR2, and PICO headsets.

Puzzling Places VR driving home for christmas winter puzzle

Rec Room

Rec Room provides a variety of social VR games and experiences. For the holidays, it brings back its Rec Holiday Market with themed mini-games, new cosmetics, and more. Rec Room is free across all major VR platforms.

Rec Room VR holiday christmas

Rogue Ascent

Rogue Ascent is a roguelike shooter designed specifically for hand tracking. Its holiday event offers double XP and festive decorations including weapon presents and edible coins. Rogue Ascent is available on the Meta Quest store.

rogue ascent vr holiday christmas update

 Samurai Slaughterhouse

Samurai Slaughter House is a physics-based combat VR game set in a large open world. For the holidays, players can collect holiday spirit to earn an exclusive holiday machete. Santa hats can also be grabbed off enemies to slow time. Samurai Slaughter House is available on Steam and the Meta Quest's app lab.

Samurai Slaughter House

Santa's Conveyor Chaos

Santa's Conveyor Chaos is a holiday-themed mixed reality game by the creators of Crazy Kung Fu. Players help Santa by grabbing gifts coming out on conveyor belts and packing them up as presents before they pile up. Santa's Conveyor Chaos is available on the Meta Quest App Lab.

santa's conveyer chaos vr mixed reality christmas winter

Santa Simulator VR

Santa Simulator VR is a VR mini-game by the creators of Richie's Plank Experience. Players ride around in Santa's sleigh delivering presents down chimneys. Based on their gift delivery count, players can earn titles like Shopping Centre Santa, Elf Level Respect, and more. Santa Simulator VR is bundled for free with Richie's Plank Experience on Steam or can be purchased on its own.

santa simulator vr

Shave & Stuff

Shave and Stuff lets players run a barbershop and tattoo parlor in VR. While not a strictly seasonal update, the game's tools allow giving Santa a makeover. Shave and Stuff is available on the Meta Quest store and Steam.

Shave & Stuff Christmas holiday update santa


Silhouette is a relaxing hand tracking puzzle adventure revolving around light and shadows. For the 2022 holiday season, the game added Christmas outfits for characters, festive island decorations, and minor improvements. Silhouette is available on the Meta Quest store.

Silhouette vr christmas hand tracking holiday update

Snow Wars

Snow Wars is an 8 player VR multiplayer shooter focused on competitive snowball battles. For the 2022 holiday season, the game revamped its lobby, added a playground area, festive decorations, themed music, and special sales. Snow Wars is available on the Meta Quest store.

snow wars holiday update vr christmas


Synth Riders

Santa is coming to town! See if you can spot him in some festively re-done Synth Riders maps and give yourself a holiday themed emblem. Synth Riders can be found on Steam, Quest, PSVR and Viveport.

Synth Riders Christmas Holiday Update VR
The Break-In

The Break-In is a 4 player VR/non-VR coop burglary game. The Christmas update adds missions to deliver presents while earning holiday themed unlocks. The Break In can be found on Steam.

The Break-In Christmas Holiday Update VR

Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf provides realistic mini golf gameplay. For the holidays, the game adds themed avatar items, festive music, and seasonal décor across its courses. Walkabout Mini Golf is available on Steam, PSVR2, and the Meta Quest store.

Walkabout Mini Golf winter christmas vr update holiday


With so many popular VR titles getting into the holiday spirit this year, there's bound to be festive fun for every virtual reality gamer this season. Whether you're looking to decorate your favorite hangouts, compete in Christmas quests and events, or simply enjoy some holiday atmosphere, these VR games are delivering cheer across platforms.

With new VR holiday content still rolling out and more on the way before 2023 comes to an end, virtual reality gamers have much to celebrate this Christmas. We'll continue highlighting the latest VR holiday happenings as more titles reveal their festive offerings over the coming weeks.

But for now, with this collection of VR holiday updates, there's more than enough virtual gingerbread, mistletoe, and Yule tide joy to go around the metaverse. Happy VR holiday gaming, everyone!

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