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Top 10 PSVR2 Tips & Tricks

Top ten psvr2 tips and tricks

Virtual reality gaming has come a long way in recent years, and with the release of the PlayStation VR 2, the experience has only gotten better. As a proud owner of the PSVR2, you may be wondering how to get the most out of your device. That's where we come in! In this blog post, we'll be sharing our top 10 tips and tricks to help you maximize your PSVR2 experience. Whether you're new to virtual reality or a seasoned pro, these tips will help you take your gaming to the next level.

Make Sure Your Headset is Properly Adjusted

While this may seem like an obvious tip, many out there have complained of blur which in many cases can be fixed by simply making sure the PSVR2 is seated correctly.

To adjust the headset properly, follow these steps:

1. Loosen the back headband by pressing and holding the knob in the back, and place the headset on your head.

2. Adjust the front of the headset by pressing and holding the button on the front right of the headset until it sits comfortably on your forehead, making sure it is not too tight or too loose.

3. Tighten the back headband until the headset feels secure, but not too tight. You should still be able to move your head freely.

4. Adjust the distance of the lenses by scrolling the slider on the top left of the headset and sliding the lenses closer or further away until the image appears clear.

how to adjust psvr2 headset comfort

It's important to take the time to adjust the headset properly before starting any game or experience. This will help prevent discomfort and allow you to fully immerse yourself in VR.

Improve Your Tracking and Calibration

Check for lighting: Ensure that the area where you play has adequate lighting. Avoid playing in a dimly lit or poorly lit room. This can interfere with the tracking system.

Clear any obstructions: Remove any objects that may be obstructing the tracking lights on the headset and the controllers. This can include objects such as furniture, plants, or other objects.

Keep the tracking sensors clean: Make sure that the tracking sensors on the headset are clean. You can use a microfiber cloth to gently clean them if needed.

Additionally, there is a hidden PSVR 2 setting called "Tracking Support" that adds a frame around the TV screen, which makes it easier for the VR headset to recognize and improve tracking accuracy. To get there, go to the settings menu and navigate to Accessories > PlayStation VR2 > Tracking Support.


PSVR2 tracking border accuracy calibration controllers

Protect Your Headset and Keep It Clean!

To best protect your PSVR2, you should handle it with care and avoid placing it in areas where it can be easily knocked over, scratched, and make sure that direct sunlight can't reach the lenses. Additionally, you can purchase protective accessories such as a carrying case or silicone cover to protect the headset.

When it comes to cleaning the PSVR2, it's important to use gentle cleaning methods to avoid damaging the lenses or other components. You can use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe down the lenses and the rest of the headset. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they can scratch or damage the lenses.

Remember to also clean the PSVR2's controllers regularly, especially the areas where your hands touch them the most. You can use a disinfectant wipe or a microfiber cloth and gentle cleaning solution to wipe down the controllers.


cleaning your psvr2 headset

Combat Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a common issue that can occur when using VR headsets like the PSVR2. To avoid motion sickness, take breaks every 30 minutes for 10-15mins in between game sessions. This gives the body time to adjust to the virtual environment and can help reduce the symptoms of motion sickness.

Additionally, check each individual game's settings as you may be able to turn on comfort settings like tunneling/vignetting, which narrows the field of view whenever the user moves
. This can help reduce motion sickness by limiting the amount of movement the user sees on the screen. Switching from smooth to teleportation movement also may help as smooth movement can make you nauseous since you are moving in VR while your real body is not.

Adjusting the headset fit and settings can also help reduce the load on the brain and alleviate some of the most common motion sickness triggers.

Horizon Call of the Mountain Motion Sickness Settings

Check Out the PSVR2's Cinematic Mode

The PSVR2's cinematic mode allows you to see the PS5's UI through the headset, and also lets you play non-VR games and media content from a virtual cinema screen. To use cinematic mode, make sure your PSVR2 is connected to your PS5 and both are turned on. Launch any non VR game or media and, you will automatically enter cinematic mode, which should bring up the PS5's normal UI. You can also access cinematic mode through the PSVR2 settings on the home screen. Note that you will need to use your regular dualshock PS5 controller to play non VR games in cinematic mode.

The resolution of the PSVR2's cinematic mode is 1080p HDR with a max frame rate of 120Hz.

Use Headphones

The default earbuds that come with the PSVR2 are okay, but leave much to be desired. Using headphones while playing on PSVR2 can help enhance the overall gaming experience by providing a more immersive and realistic audio experience. For example, the Playstation Pulse 3D wireless headset is of high quality and can deliver 3D audio that mimics the way sound travels in the real world. This means that you can hear sounds coming from different directions, which can help you better navigate and immerse yourself in the virtual world.

PSVR2 Pulse headphones 3d audio

You can use other headphones however, as the PSVR2 has a 3.5mm audio jack built into the headset, or you can plug a wireless dongle into the PS5 console.

Using headphones can also help block out external noises, which can be beneficial if you are playing in a noisy environment. This can help you focus on the game and avoid distractions, which can enhance your overall gaming experience. It is worth noting that when using headphones, it's important to be aware of your surroundings and not get completely lost in the virtual world!

Make Use of the Built In Microphone

The PSVR2 has a built-in microphone that allows users to use voice commands to launch games and apps, as well as open certain settings pagesTo use voice commands with the PS5, you need to enable the Voice Command (Preview) feature in the settings menu. Additionally, the latest PS5 beta update has added a new "Hey PlayStation!" voice command that allows users to open games, apps, and settings, as well as control movies and songs. Overall, voice input is a convenient and efficient way to interact with the PSVR2.

PS5 Voice Commands

Here's a list of a few useful commands you can try:

  • "Hey PlayStation, Help"
  • "Open [game/app]"
  • "Find [game or app]"
  • "Resume"
  • "Pause"
  • "Fast forward"
  • "Go Home"
  • "Next"
  • "Previous"
  • "Cancel"

Record & Stream Your VR Experiences

There are a couple of different options available when it comes to recording or streaming PSVR2 footage.

The first is using the PS5's built in capture tools.

To record and stream PSVR2 content using the PS5's built-in recording tools, you can follow these steps:

  1. To capture gameplay, double-tap the Create button on your left PSVR2 controller. To stop recording, double-tap again.
  2. To view your captured content, go to the media library.
  3. To stream yourself playing PSVR2, you can use the PS5's screen-recording feature along with the broadcast feature for PSVR2. You can stream directly from the Playstation onto Twitch or Youtube, including your microphone. If you want to use a webcam however, you must specifically use a PS4 or PS5 HD camera.

PSVR2 In Game Recording Tools

The second way is using a capture card (like Elgato) connected from your PS5 to your laptop or computer, and a recording/streaming software like OBS Studio.

  1. Connect the PSVR2 headset to your PS5 console and set up your gameplay as usual.
  2. Connect the capture card to your PS5 console using an HDMI cable.
  3. Connect a second HDMI cable to the capture card and to your TV or monitor.
  4. Install and open your preferred video capture software on your computer.
  5. In the software, select the capture card as the video source.
  6. Start recording or streaming your PSVR2 gameplay.

Elgato Capture Card

It's important to note that some capture cards may have specific instructions or requirements, so be sure to consult the manufacturer's instructions for the specific capture card you are using. Additionally, capturing PSVR2 footage may require additional hardware or setup, such as a separate microphone for audio or a green screen for chroma keying.

Take Advantage of the 120Hz Refresh Rate

The PSVR2 has a 120Hz refresh rate, which can provide a smoother and more immersive VR experience. The refresh rate of a VR headset refers to the number of times per second that the display is updated. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother and more fluid the visuals will appear, which can reduce motion sickness and make the experience feel more lifelike.

To take full advantage of the PSVR2's 120Hz refresh rate, make sure that the games you play are optimized for it. Some games may default to a lower refresh rate, so you may need to adjust the settings in the game's menu to enable 120Hz.

Additionally, using the 120Hz refresh rate may require a higher bandwidth HDMI cable. Make sure to check that your HDMI cable supports 120Hz before enabling the feature.

Overall, taking advantage of the PSVR2's 120Hz refresh rate can provide a more immersive and comfortable VR experience, so it's worth checking to see if your games and setup can support it.

Get Prescription Lenses For Your PSVR2

While the PSVR2 was designed to be able to fit glasses inside the headset, you may find that this can cause discomfort or fogging for longer term sessions. Luckily, prescription lenses do exist for the PSVR2 and they fit in easily right over the existing, built in lenses.

VR Wave PSVR2 Perscription Lenses Custom

Prescription lenses for the PSVR 2 can provide several benefits. The most notable benefit is improved image clarity, which can make the VR experience more immersive and enjoyable for players who wear glasses or contact lenses. Prescription lenses can also help vision-impaired players experience the full immersive gaming experience of VR. They are designed to help people with presbyopia, or the loss of eyesight that comes with aging, and provide a variety of benefits. Additionally, prescription lens inserts eliminate the need to wear glasses while using the PSVR 2, which can be more comfortable and convenient for some players.

You can easily custom order your lenses to perfectly match your prescription here.


We hope you found these top 10 tips and tricks for PSVR2 owners helpful and informative. With these tips, you can take your gaming experience to the next level and fully immerse yourself in the virtual world. Remember to always take breaks and stay aware of your surroundings while playing. With practice and experimentation, you'll discover even more ways to enhance your PSVR2 experience. So what are you waiting for? Grab your PSVR2 headset and start exploring!

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