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Top 10 VR Games For Summer 2021

Summer is coming up and with it comes a lot more free time, longer days (to play more VR videogames) and a lot more energy! Summer is an amazing season that, with its amazing weather, allows us to explore the world, enjoy beaches, forests, fields, etc and, hang out with friends however, due to the current world’s situation, this summer might be a bit different! Thankfully, we can always make it a lot better with videogames so, today we will talk about the top 10 best VR videogames for the summer of 2021! 

SuperHot VR

Starting off with a banger we have Superhot VR! Following the success of its non-VR edition, it is was only a matter of time until this game would make its way to the world of Oculus Quest 2 and beyond! Superhot could technically be described as a shooter but it is so much more. Even though you do have enemies that you need to eliminate before they do it to you, time only moves when you physically move, therefore, things need to be well calculated. This award-winning title is definitely one to keep on your must-play list for this summer. 

The Climb 2

The first “The Climb” title was an absolute success so, it is with no surprise that we got a sequel that, in every single way, surpasses the original! With a new city to explore, filled with breathtaking views, you will be able to explore mountain environments, urban settings, and more! Discover what it truly feels like to climb to the highest peaks with The Climb 2.

VR Chat

Keeping in touch with friends isn’t as easy as it was two years ago, however, games such as VR Chat truly makes it a whole lot easier! VR Chat is truly a social world where you can embody custom avatars, play social games and explore the thousands of player-created environments that are available. If you are looking to explore a wonderfully vast virtual space, all while meeting new people, VR Chat is definitely the place for you. 

Vacation Simulator 

Summer is usually a synonym for vacations but, with so many wonderful countries still being quite closed off to tourists, finding a suitable location to vacation can be quite the challenge. Vacation Simulator aims at fixing this problem by giving Oculus Quest 2 users the opportunity to vacation in an entirely virtual reality environment. Developed by the same studio that made the very popular “Job Simulator” and, with hand tracking supported, this game will be one that you will not want to miss when the days start to get longer! 

Real VR Fishing 

There is truly nothing like being in the middle of a lake or at the shore, hearing the relaxing sounds of the water while waiting for a meaty fish to bite onto the bate! Fishing is one of the best activities one can do in the summer and, doing it from Oculus Quest 2 in the comfort of your own home is just as incredible. Real VR Fishing lets you fish in incredible real-world locations and it supports 4-player multiplayer because it is that much better with friends! 

Walkabout MiniGolf

Minigolf is fun, invigorating and exciting and Walkabout MiniGolf makes sure to touchdown on every single one of these aspects. With amazingly crafted 18-hole courses that will surely test your Minigolf skills, this Oculus Quest 2 game is perfect for anyone that loves the excitement and challenge that Minigolf has to offer.

Drunkn Bar Fight

With the heat rising up, the days getting longer and the drinks getting stronger, it is only natural that some bar fights will eventually happen (and hopefully be made up not long after) however, what if there was a game that would let you participate in these bar fights and actually enjoy it? Drunkn Bar Fight is a VR game that lets you participate in bar fights and use whatever you have at your disposal to unleash chaos! It is truly the kind of game that will surely get a laugh out of you.


Most people think that Virtual Reality is not the most suitable for RPGs but, if you are one of those people, you will soon change your mind! Demeo is a dungeon crawler that is, well, crawling with monsters, that immerses the player in the classic RPG genre like nothing before! You can join up to 4 players to explore the several dungeons and environments that Demeo has to offer, all while fighting terrific monsters and a villain that is sure to get on your nerves! If you are looking for that immersive Oculus Quest 2 RPG experience then this will definitely tick all the right boxes.

Beat Saber

If you’ve had your Oculus Quest 2 headset for any amount of time, chances are you’ve already heard of the critically acclaimed Beat Saber game. There is a reason why this game is a must-have for every single VR headset out there and, once you try it, it instantly becomes clear why. This unique VR rhythm game lets you hit the right notes at the right time, literally. With boxes (being the notes) coming your way and with obstacles to avoid, you must hit those boxes with your beat sabre in order to progress through the hundreds of songs available! Whether you choose to play with 


To rely on communication and coordination is one of the most important aspects to success in a military environment and, with Onward, you’ll experience just that! In this first-person shooter, you will not be able to rely on crosshairs and minimaps, instead, you’ll have to properly coordinate your strategies and moves with your squad, in order to succeed in the operation. Challenge, cooperation and danger are all parts of what makes Onward so great, and one of the must-play games this summer on the Oculus Quest 2! 

We hope that your summer will be a lot more fun with the games we’ve mentioned here because, with this selection, you are bound to have a great time for hours on end! Oculus Quest 2 is known to be a very comfortable headset with great support for customization so, grab yours and explore summer like never before! VR Wave has the highest quality VR prescription lenses available for the Oculus Quest 2 and other VR headsets.

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