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Virtual Reality Prescription lenses

How can people who use prescription lenses enjoy the VR experience?

Visual is a pivotal aspect of the virtual reality experience. Without the lenses, all you have is just headphones. If you need prescription glasses to bring reality into focus, you may find VR a little challenging. Your frames may be sufficiently small enough, and you can pack them into the Oculus Quest 2. However, even if you can achieve this, you may end up scratching your lenses. This will always distort your VR experience.

The question then is, how can people who use prescription lenses enjoy the VR experience? Indeed, the main thing that you ought to do is attempt the headset without using your glasses. Numerous individuals have mentioned that they were astonished to discover they did not require their glasses in VR. Suppose you attempt this and find that your vision is still hazy, and no measure of IPD or focal point profundity change appears to help. Then it would help if you had something different.

You might be considering using contact lenses. That is also a valid option only if you are already familiar with it. Otherwise, if you have an issue with astigmatism, this option could be expensive. What is more, a typical complaint with contact lenses is that they dry your eyes out, bringing about sensitive eyes. In this way, you would prefer not to damage your glasses or VR headset lenses or manage the expected inconvenience of having the facial interface on the headset press your frames.

You likewise do not need the expense and trouble of getting contact lenses, which will dry your eyes out in any case and lead to more limited sessions and sore eyes. There is yet one more choice, adding your prescription lenses to your VR headset. VR Wave provides you with the right solution to make your VR experience more real than you can imagine. You will find prescription lenses for your Oculus Series, Valve Index, and Rift S at VR Wave.

Prescription Lenses for VR

VR prescription lenses are designed mostly for people with prescription glasses to support their virtual reality experience and make it as natural as possible. These recommended lenses tend to remove all inconveniences of wearing the VR headset on their frames.

The VR headsets have been designed to allow the prescription frames to fit conveniently. Be that as it may, wearing glasses inside a head-mounted showcase can, in any case, be dangerous.

You may scratch the headset's lenses with your frame. You may encounter blurry or foggy sight, and your lenses contacting your face when squeezed into the headset can cause streaks that are difficult to see through.

Prescription lenses that work perfectly with VR headsets like Oculus Quest 2 have been created. They are quite comfortable taking out all the fear and disadvantages people who wear prescription eyeglasses have experienced.

Benefits of VR WAVE Prescription Lenses

VR Wave prescription lenses provide you with an unmatchable VR experience. Virtual becomes a reality when you use wave VR prescription lenses.

Below are some other benefits the Wave VR prescription lenses provides

  • The VR prescription lenses not just allows you to appreciate VR without wearing your prescription glasses, it additionally shields your Oculus Quest 2 from scratches.
  • The lens makes everything look sharper and more precise than when used without them.
  • It is entirely comfortable without glasses since the Quest 2 face form is excessively limited for most glasses frames to fit in. You will feel the pressure regardless of whether it fits.
  • These lenses decrease glare so you can focus on the amazing visuals of the Oculus Quest 2.
  • No more discomforting nose bumps
  • Thank the Oculus lenses adaptor, you now have protection for your Oculus lenses against scratches.

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