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Beginner Guide For Your First Oculus Quest 2 Headset

So you finally decided to explore the wonderful and magical world of virtual reality and, by doing so, you bought your shiny new Oculus Quest 2 headset! Once you finally have your new VR headset in your hands, it can feel quite daunting and overwhelming to know what to do in order to finally enjoy VR worlds and experiences for the first time however, we bring you the ultimate beginner guide for your Oculus Quest 2, so you know how to get the most out of it and jump right into those wonderful virtual reality worlds and experiences

Beginner Guide For Your First Oculus Quest 2 Headset

Aspects To Keep In Mind

One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to do when trying to get into VR is to not consider some key aspects prior to the actual purchase of their VR headset! There are some aspects to keep into consideration when it comes to using a VR headset that definitely need to be thought out in order for the experience to go as smoothly as possible.


The first (and undoubtedly the most important) aspect to consider is your vision. In order to enjoy your Oculus Quest 2 headset, you need to be able to actually see through the lenses that come with it in order to know what is going on in the VR experience/world and, obviously, what to do as well! Even though most people that don’t have any vision problems can enjoy the VR headset without any worries, the same cannot be said to those users that might need prescription glasses. Sure, you can certainly use your prescription glasses under the Oculus Quest 2 however, you would soon find out that it is quite uncomfortable and, sometimes, it can truly be downright unbearable (not to mention that it can scratch both the prescription glasses and the VR headset’s lenses).

Because of how the integrated base lenses on the Oculus Quest 2 are built with users that don’t have any vision problems in mind, this can be quite difficult to deal with, however, companies such as VR Wave offer custom prescription lenses that fit right on top of the headset lenses. With their magnetic mounts, it is also incredibly easy to set up so you don’t have to worry about spending too much time putting those lenses on and more time worrying about exploring the magical virtual reality worlds that are out there!

Adjusting IPD

Adjusting your IPD settings for your Oculus Quest 2 results in a much smoother experience and avoids eye strain. For those that don’t know, IPD stands for an individual’s pupillary distance so, by tinkering around (in case you don’t know your exact measurements) with the headset’s IPD, you can make sure that the lenses will be perfectly aligned with your eyes.


More often than not, VR experiences require the user to move around and interact with the virtual environment, however, some people can underestimate the space necessary in order to enjoy such experiences. When using the Oculus Quest 2 and, when you’re deeply lost in a virtual world or experience, it is only natural that you can lose the sense of what’s around you in the real world. Because of this, it is incredibly important to choose a spacious room to play in, so you don’t bump into any furniture or, even worse, destroy any appliances!


Ease Of Access

Passthrough Background and Passthrough Shortcut

As you’re setting up your Oculus Quest 2 for the first time, you’ll be introduced to the Passthrough system. The Passthrough system is a way to use the Oculus Quest 2 cameras to look outside of the headset and, even though it might seem like a novelty at first, it is actually really useful and should be turned on as soon as you start it up. Some of the benefits of having this feature turned on are the fact that you will not have to touch around just to find the controllers and, you’ll have a much better navigational sense than otherwise, making bumps and falls a lot less frequent or even completely absent!

Use Voice Commands

Navigating menus looking for the apps that we want to launch can be quite the chore, especially when in VR. The Oculus Quest 2 has a voice commands system that allows the users to launch apps and navigate menus simply with their own words. This saves a lot of time that you can spend playing the actual game or experience that you bought the VR headset for. By simply saying “launch x game” you can jump right into the action in seconds.

Hand Tracking

A fantastic feature that the Oculus Quest 2 offers is the ability to switch between controller tracking and hand tracking. Sure, the controllers offer a lot of precision when playing VR games however, when using your own hands instead, the immersion goes to a whole new level! By simply going into settings and activating hand tracking (as well as Auto-Switch between hand and controller tracking), you can have your hands be part of the VR world, which is something that not a lot of VR headsets out there offer.

Caring For Your Headset

Even though the Oculus Quest 2 is the kind of VR headset that is not incredibly fragile, it is still a piece of tech that does require some care when handling it and when putting it down. A well-cared-for VR headset is one that will last a lot longer than otherwise however, that doesn’t mean that you have to cradle it like a baby. Simple considerations to have such as gently cleaning your Oculus Quest 2 lenses with a microfiber cloth from time to time and, keeping the headset away from direct heat or sharp objects can be a great help when trying to extend its life!

The Oculus Quest 2 is a fantastic virtual reality headset that keeps pushing the boundaries of technology and virtual worlds, however, for a new user that has never touched a VR headset before, it can be quite daunting. We hope our beginner guide has given you some very useful tips so you can enjoy your headset without any hassle!

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