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Meta Quest 2 Face Cover
Meta Quest 2 Face Cover
Meta Quest 2 Face Cover
Meta Quest 2 Face Cover
Meta Quest 2 Face Cover
Meta Quest 2 Face Cover

Meta Quest 2 Face Cover

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[PU LEATHER FOR BEST COMFORT] This Oculus Quest 2 Face Cover is manufactured with Premium leather, providing much better experience than the original Quest 2 facecover. The vr facecover is made with high-quality cushion for best comfort

[SOLVING LENSES TOUCHING NOSE ISSUE] Due to difference in face shape, a small percentage of people may have the lenses touching the nose. With this Oculus Quest 2 Facial Cover, there are increased distance between the nose and the lenses which can alleviate this issue

[LIGHT SHADE AT NOSE AREA] This VR WAVE Oculus Quest2 Face pad comes with silicone shades that can block external from entering the from the bottom of the Quest 2 headset, enabling  a truly immerse virtual reality experiences 

[SIMPLE INSTALLATION] The installation proceed of this Quest 2 face Cover is simple. Get your Oculus quest 2 face cushion from VR WAVE today!

[BEST QUALITY FROM VR WAVE] VR WAVE is reputatble for her supreme product quality, and customers can be assured that we will provide the best product and customer service for this Oculus Quest 2 facepad too! 

[COMPATIBLE WITH GLASS SPACER] We have upgraded our face cover's design to fit with the original quest 2 glasses spacers

[FREE SHIPPING FOR USA CUSTOMER] No additional shipping cost for US-based customers. International shipping rates will apply for non-US orders

Q1 What type of material do you use for the VR Wave Face Cover?

We use premium PU leather for the cushion part, which is soft and comfort when wearing. For the base of the face cover we use PVC plastic which is solid and sturdy.

Q2 Will glass spacer work with your VR Wave Face Cover?

Our latest face cover works with the glass spacer.

Q3 Is your VR Face cover sweat proof?

As the cover is made with premium leather, it is not sweat proof

Q4 Does it affect the FOV when VR Wave Face cover is being used?

The FOV will be slightly decreased when using Face Cover alone because the distance between your eyes and the VR screens will be increased. However, if using VR WAVE prescription lenses together with VR WAVE face cover, the FOV effect is cancelled out because VR WAVE lenses increase the FOV slightly.

Q5 Do you have warranty for VR Wave Face cover?

Shall you encounter any issues with the face cover after receiving, kindly contact our customer support email support@vr-wave.store within one week after the date of receival. Only inquiries within the one week period will be entertained.

Q6  Dimensions and Thickness of the VR Wave Face Cover.

The dimension of the face cover is 6.5 x 4.8 inch (16.5 x 12 cm), and the thickness of the face cover is around 0.7 inch (1.8 cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mary Ann Parsons

I like it. It is much more comfortable than the original one that comes with the system. There is still space below though, you can see the surroundings a bit if looking down. But all in all, it was a good purchase.

Your comment has given us valuable insight into the services and products that we provide here at VR WAVE. We sincerely thank you for taking the time and for choosing us!

Joseph Fairwearher
Fits my head shape perfectly

It is comfortable. works really well and has a lot of padding for your head shape it blocks out the light from the bottom and the sides so you have a dark screen.

Your positive review have been shared with our entire VR WAVE Team. Thank you for the positive feedback!

Scott Green
Most comfortable face cover

Very pleased. Beats the Oculus options. Great price.

Thanks for sharing with us your feedback and for giving us a 5-star review!

Triloni Gonzalez

Meta Quest 2 Face Cover

Thanks for sharing with us your 5-star review!

Alberto Fuentes

I really love this face cover it’s very comfortable

When we hear from happy customers like you, we spread the positivity around! Thank you again for choosing, VR WAVE!