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Meta Quest 2 Halo Strap
Meta Quest 2 Halo Strap
Meta Quest 2 Halo Strap
Meta Quest 2 Halo Strap
  • Meta Quest 2 Halo Strap
  • Meta Quest 2 Halo Strap
  • Meta Quest 2 Halo Strap
  • Meta Quest 2 Halo Strap

Meta Quest 2 Halo Strap

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  • 【Premium Material】The main body of the VR WAVE Quest 2 Head Strap is made of high-quality ABS plastic, high-quality PU leather, and foam cushion. The ABS plastic ensures that the surface is always kept clean, and the PU foam pad design is soft and comfortable. 
  • 【Beautiful and durable】The oculus quest 2 halo strap is made with a premium mold and is not 3D printed, ensuring the durability and sturdiness for long term usage.
  • 【Easy to adjust】The oculus quest 2 halo strap has a rotatable design at the back. Simply rotate the round pad at the back to adjust the tightness of the headstrap for quest 2.
  • 【Ergonomic design】The halo design shifts part of the weight of the headset from your face to the head cushion, enabling a more natural weight distribution for better comfort. The support at the back of the head further improve the comfort hollistically.
  • Applicable to Oculus Quest 2 VR gaming device only. No applicable to other VR devices
  • [FREE SHIPPING FOR USA CUSTOMER] No additional shipping cost for US-based customers. International shipping rates will apply for non-US orders

Q1 How to install the halo strap?

First you will have to detach the original head strap. After removing the original head strap, you should slip the clip of the halo strap on both ends gently, until the clip is at the very end of the headset’s bar.

Q2 Does this halo strap fit into the carrying case that VR WAVE currently sell?

Unfortunately, the halo strap cannot fit into the carrying case.

Q3 Do you have warranty for the head strap?

We offer one month warranty for the head strap counting from the date of delivery.

Q4 What is the shipping time and cost?

A: We use DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX/USPS to send out the halo strap for oculus quest 2, rates are as follows:

US domestic
Expedite: USD$18 dollars (7 days)
Standard: USD$8 dollars (12-16 days)
For Alaska, Gaum, and Hawaii, shipping fee will be USD$18, shipping time is 12-16 days
We do not support air force addresses

Expedite: USD$18 dollars (7 days)
Standard: USD$12 dollars (16-21 days)

Expedite: USD$35 dollars (12-16 days)

Expedite: USD$18 dollars (7 days )
Standard: USD$8 dollars (8-15 days )

Expedite: USD$11 dollars (7 days )
Standard: USD$7 dollars (12-16 days)

Due to unpredictable logistic schedule, we temporarily suspend shipping to Russia until further notice

Specific zones: Israel, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Mexico
Standard: USD$18 dollars (12-16 days)

Specific zones: Brazil & South Africa
Standard: USD$18 dollars (12-16 days )

Rest of the world
Standard: USD$17 dollars (12-16 days)
Standard: USD$9 dollars (~30 days)

Free shipping for orders more than USD150 disregarding regions.

Q5 Does the halo strap works for the extra battery attachment?

Unfortunately the halo strap is not compatible with the extra battery attachment.